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What do you look for in a franchisee?

Mainly someone with entrepreneurial qualities, who is looking for a business opportunity rather than a job. Someone who wants to build something over the longer term with a capital value that could be sold on or passed on to children or relatives.
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Are any special skills required?

It would be a huge advantage if the person involved is a self starter, who can work from home unsupervised and be trusted to get on with things rather than being spoon fed.

Also we look for someone who is IT literate and knows their way around a computer and able to perform basic tasks.

We also like to find people who can write effectively and would be able to create a professional profile after interviewing a new client.

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Will I receive training?

Yes our training is very comprehensive and would be for a minimum of 3 days at our Head Office in rural Warwickshire. It is usually conducted by our Business Manager and Operations Director, so you get a really good grounding in dating generically and personal introductions or events particularly.

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What about ongoing support?

Yes, our induction training is very thorough, but after it has been completed, we have a strong Head Office team and we provide support remotely by telephone or email and we offer 3 further ‘Workshop Day’s’ – where you come back to spend more time with us but covering the subjects that you feel would be most beneficial.

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Will I be personally responsible for finding matches?

Matches are usually provided by our leading edge matchmaking technology, supported by highly trained and very experienced team at Head Office. They will provide this specialist function for you, once a membership has been sold but you would remain as the person who interfaces with the client.

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What sort of earnings are possible for a Personal Matchmaker?

Earnings between Personal Matchmakers varies, as some prefer to work part time and for others it becomes their life and they live it and breathe it.
If you are in the latter category then very high earnings indeed are possible and we have had people approaching £100k per annum.

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How much does the franchise cost?

Our franchise packages start from just £9,950 and go up to £15,950 + VAT dependent upon the quality and population of your area. For instance counties in the affluent South East may be more valuable than those in the Scottish Highlands. So it is dependent on the geographical area of your choice.

How long is the franchise for?

The franchise is for a 5 year term but there is no further cost involved, so if you want to renew it and both franchisee and franchisor are happy, there is just normally an admin/solicitors fee to continue. So in effect once purchased it can be for life.

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