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How Successful is Franchising as a Business Concept?

When people become interested in the prospect of buying their own business and working for themselves as their own boss, their thoughts often turn to the question of how successful is franchising as a business concept? Is it a better option than a business start up? Can it make similar levels of profits? Is it easier than branching out completely on your own?

As Managing Director of Dating Options and with 14 years in the industry, for me it was the nagging thought that I had been very successful in working in various roles within a global financial services player, enjoying many promotions and working hard in each new role to create further success but each time leaving a business of considerable value behind for my employer and for someone else to benefit from. In 1999 I decided I’d like to try to generate that success again but this time for myself.

I can’t pretend it hasn’t been hard work because it has, but I figure that dating was a great industry to be in and I have seen the market expand from 2.3 million participants to more than 16 million in the 14 years that I have worked in dating, which has been unprecedented growth and you could share in that success as a franchisee.

Franchising now contributes more than ¬£15 billion per annum to the British economy, employing over 621,000 with more than half of them full time, in over 44,200 different franchised businesses, with 97% of them reporting that it is a profitable business and more than 91% saying they are mainly or definitely satisfied with their franchise. That’s a great record – the figures come from the 2016 in the annual NatWest Bank/BFA survey.

If you’d like to know more about how we could help you get a head start in the dating/personal matchmaking industry, then you need to speak to Linda John, our Business Manager on 0845 2303199 or click here to complete our contact form and we will ring uou. Linda will talk you through the Dating Options franchise, our success story over recent years and why becoming a Personal Matchmaker could be the perfect way forward for you. There is no obligation whatsoever but one day you may well be very glad you did.



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