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Gay Relationships

Gay Relationships
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Gay Relationships

For years we have been approached by same sex couples with the question ‘Do you do matching for the gay community?’ and in 2014 we were approached by someone from within that community that was prepared to help us take the next step and provide a high quality personal introductions service for gay professionals that mirrored our existing services.

So we developed our website and recruited our Matchmaking team, what we weren’t ready for was how popular that service would be. It has been one of our most in demand products and our database is growing at a phenomenal rate. If therefore, it’s a long term and enduring relationship that you prefer, or even marriage, then Gay Relationships could be perfect for you.

The Gay Relationships Brand

Gay Relationships was born because of an approach to us by a professional of mature years, whose dearest wish was to find an enduring, longterm and exclusive relationship. After many years of being approached and not having an exclusive same sex product, we do now through Gay Relationships. It’s aimed and discerning professionals, who want to meet others in a safe, confidential way, without their private details being available on a busy and easily accessed public website.