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The Benefits Of Working From Home

Great discussions around remote working are taking place in some of the largest companies in the UK. The benefits of working from home are now being debated across the board and many, both employers and employees can see the benefits.

Some businesses hold the belief that working remotely encourages individuals to lose the human factors associated when working in an office. Some that oppose this see it as destructive and consider that offices will no longer be active and busy places.

Entrepreneur Richard Branson disagrees with this view and says that forcing employees to work in an office is an outdated way of thinking. He believes that forcing people is neither effective or productive and would rather people were empowered by being given the option of doing whichever suits them. Richard feels that the workplace would be more content if employees worked either in the office or remotely if it meant getting the best out of everyone.

The flexibility of working from home allows employees to manage their work/life balance effectively which encourages better health. A recent survey shows that 10.4 million days each working week are lost in the UK because of stress related to work.

From a cost point of view, working remotely from home increases productivity and reduces overheads considerably. Less space is needed which allows funds to be reinvested in other areas of the company. It is more beneficial to have employees working remotely rather than cutting jobs due to rising costs of staffing. This would include paid sickness. Worth thinking about. This modern approach encourages stimulation, creativity and to think outside the box without the interruptions of everyday office activities. The world is moving at a very fast pace and businesses need to get on board with changing to a new healthier regime.

From an environmental level, this means less commuters on the roads and on public transport and therefore, reduces global warming.

A franchise business is an ideal opportunity to have a good work/life balance. There is no better feeling than working for yourself in your own business and being supported by a company that has already tried and tested the market that you are working in.  Commission rates are favourable to the franchisee and with some clever business stratergies in place, the sky really is the limit. There is no cap on the amount that you can earn. It is down to you to put the time and effort in and this does not need to be during office hours. Your time is your own and you have complete flexibility.  If you would like to find out more about franchise opportunities in a growth industry, please contact Linda at Dating Options on 0845 230 3199 or email

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