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Ashley Madison Database Hacked

Hackers Access Ashley Madison Database Proving That Online Dating Can’t Be Trusted

The recent scandal engulfing cheating website Ashley Madison demonstrates why online dating sites can’t be trusted.

Over the last few years there has been various examples of how online dating sites can’t be trusted but this scandal engulfing Ashley Madison is perhaps the biggest we have seen for a long time.

Hackers recently hacked into the Ashley Madison database and obtained the personal information and profiles of 32 million members.

They then threatened the site owners, demanding that they shut the site and their sister sites or they would release their site members’ personal information to the public.

Well, just recently as of, 18/08/2015, the hackers stayed true to their threat and released the information they had obtained to the public.

What is alarming is the number of people who are registered on this website, 32 million but out of that there are 1 million cheaters based in the UK.

Many of these cheaters can also have fake profiles or even legitimate profiles on other online dating sites.

What this demonstrates is that online dating sites simply can’t be relied on as the most effective strategy for meeting new people and finding love. And after all where are these 1 million cheaters going to go look for their fix now?

The lack of confidentiality and privacy measures for members is a serious concern. The fact that many of these UK based cheaters could also have profiles on other online dating sites is a cause for concern.

The recent scandal engulfing Ashley Madison is just another of a long list of examples where online dating sites have not ensured proper measures to protect the confidentiality of their members.

In fact, there is an option that is far more effective all round for finding that someone special and it’s a dating method that has rapidly grown in popularity in recent years…

It’s personal introductions and matchmaking.

Personal Introductions and Matchmaking Offers Singles Genuine Confidentiality And Privacy

Unlike online dating sites, personal introductions and matchmaking can offer singles a guarantee of confidentiality and privacy.

The problem with online dating sites is that every members’ personal information is held in a database online, which does not guarantee confidentiality and privacy for members.

However, when singles use personal introductions and matchmaking their personal information is held offline so it is untouchable from hackers.

Secondly, every prospective member of our personal matchmaking services must go through a personal vetting process that ensures that each member is who they say they are. An interview process takes place and your identity is checked.

This is a far cry from what you get when you join an online dating site.

This is the biggest problem with Ashley’s Madison’s security and confidentiality protocol.

The hackers were still able to crack the password security measures employed by the site meaning they were able to access the database for members.

This enabled the hackers to obtain addresses, phone numbers, credit card transactions and even view profile descriptions of members.

If you are a member of a personal introductions and matchmaking agency then you’ll never have to worry about this happening to you because all of your information is held securely in an offline database.

This makes this the really only legitimate form of confidentiality and privacy for singles looking for love.

A Personalised Service And Matchmaking Technology That Drastically Increases Your Chances Of Finding Love

Here at Dating Options we have developed our own matchmaking technology and honed it over the years. Using this same technology we have already created thousands of happy couples throughout the UK.

Another major advantage that matchmaking can offer over any online dating site is the level of service.

If you are looking for a complete package that will help you find someone special then matchmaking is the closest thing there is to that in the dating industry.

When you become a member of a matchmaking agency you will get assigned your own matchmaker who will headhunt through a database of eligible singles throughout the UK.

Besides this, they will also work with you to create a winning profile that will be used to ‘introduce’ you to potential partners.

So when you meet your date you already have a strong idea as to whether you could potentially be compatible with them and end up in a long-term relationship with them.

This level of personalised service is unlike anything else you will find in the dating industry and especially on an online dating site.

We also offer various matchmaking services for different people. Are you mature aged and are looking to find love? Then you will find everything you need via our brand Avenues Dating.

Are you looking for organised dating events such as speed dating, even singles holidays? Then you’re going to love our brand When The Music Stops.

Looking for an elite matchmaking service for singles in the upper echelons of society? Then our brand Ultimate Attractions is going to be perfect for you.

These are just some of the brands we have on offer. Rest assured that we have enough brands, expertise and experience to help you find what you are looking for a legitimate safe dating experience.

We Acknowledge Online Dating Has Its Place But There Are Far Better, More Proven Alternatives

The confidentiality and privacy concerns that have been all so elegantly exposed by the Ashley Madison dating site hackers shows that online dating sites simply aren’t the most effective solution for finding love.

We don’t believe that online dating is the Devil’s invention and we acknowledge that it certainly has its place in the dating world for certain individuals.

But if you want a dating service that can give you the following:
• A guarantee of confidentiality and privacy
• Your own matchmaker who will find compatible partners for you
• A guarantee that you’ll only be meeting genuine people also looking for love
• A personalised service unlike any other in the dating industry

If you want an overall safe dating experience that can legitimately help you find love then personal introductions and matchmaking is your best option.

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