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Choosing a Franchise – Hints and Tips

Choosing a Franchise – Hints and Tips

Choosing a Franchise - Hints and Tips

Choosing a Franchise – Hints and Tips

Having worked in franchising now for many years, I am often asked about choosing a franchise – hints and tips that can help you make the right decision.

It’s actually a very easy piece of advice to give, as only you know how you feel about a particular franchise idea or industry and how much you enjoyment you would derive from working in that particular role or business, in other words your own gut feelings and desires can play an enormous role in your final decision.

So do research your industry very carefully and look for something that has been doing very well in recent times, that is simple and straight forward advice but sometimes when you’re looking at the various different options, it can get confusing and perhaps people can’t see the wood for the trees on occasions.

For instance after how the popularity of landline telephones have declined since the 1990’s it may not be prudent to be going into a franchise specialising in these. Conversely a mobile phone related franchise may well have been a real money spinner over the same period.

The dating industry has been a global success story over the last 2 decades, the market was said to be around 2.6 million in 2003 when we launched When the Music Stops but has grown exponentially most years since that point to embrace over 16 million people today. Which is growth of 615% in 14 years.

Perhaps more importantly though public attitudes have changed too, with the stigma of using a third party company to find a high quality new partner having been completely removed, to the point where it is now the fashionable thing to do.

Whilst online dating remains an enigma for many, the personal touch of working with a Professional Matchmaker, the extra confidentiality and discretion afforded and the quality of the potential partners available has seen UK professionals flooding into the Personal Matchmaking arena in recent years.

Could that be a pointer for you? Currently we are seeking professional people, to take on the Professional Matchmaker franchise for their home county and to work towards the attainment of an accredited qualification over the first year of their franchise, whilst promoting Personal Matchmaking in their own county location and earning at a very good level through the recruitment of new members. Please phone us on 0845 2303199 or complete our enquiry form to learn more.