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Ultimate Attraction

Ultimate Attraction
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Ultimate Attraction

Ultimate Attraction is the premium brand within the Dating Options Group and is exclusive to those aged 30-59.

As the name suggests it is our ultimate product and is aimed at only the the most discerning of daters, people who are seeking only the most attentive, exclusive and personal service we can provide.

Ultimate Attraction is aimed only at those in professional roles, business owners, academics, those of entirely independent means or the affluent early retired. It is an extremely confidential and totally discreet service, offered only through our most Senior Personal Matchmaker.

It is a 2 year membership but with a guarantee that we will continue to work with you free of charge, beyond this point should it be necessary. 

 Each client that joins Ultimate Attraction, is carefully checked out and thoroughly vetted before any type of introduction is made, it also includes the services of a specialist Dating Headhunter, who will work with your Matchmaker to provide a dedicated service to locate the very best matches that we can in terms of the criteria that you have selected. Our service is provided in your own home initially and that is where we would conduct the in depth interview that we offer.

We also utilise the very latest, in bespoke matchmaking systems, designed by our own highly experienced engineers and conduct the most rigorous personal checks on matches that we can, through our own in house data management system. Which means that Ultimate Attraction attracts the most discerning of clients and that in turn that creates a database of quality people second to none.

But at a price that is fair to our clients too.

If Ultimate Attraction seems like the type of service you have been seeking then get in touch and let our Senior Membership Adviser, Jenny Dawson, who has more than 30 years experience in the Personal Matchmaking industry, talk you through how joining as a member could bring that classic partner into your life.

Membership Levels

The choice is very simple, we have one all encompassing level to ensure that all members get what they pay for – the best that we offer.

Membership Costs

Membership of Ultimate Attraction begins at £7,995 for a 2 year membership.

Our Team

Our Senior Membership Adviser is Victoria Davies and our Matchmaker for Ultimate Attraction is our Matchmaking Team Manager Tracey Cater.

Membership Benefits
  • One exclusive level of membership, aimed at the most discerning of daters.
  • The highest level of priority and confidentiality within the Dating Options Group.
  • An exclusive data base of professionals aged 30-59 only.
  • The highly personal and exclusive service of one of our most senior Personal Matchmakers.
  • The most thorough of checks on all of your dates.
  • A 2 year membership with a guaranteed number of recommendations.
Ultimate Attraction as a brand

Ultimate Attraction is the flagship brand within the Dating Options Group. It has been created to rival top London based agencies but at a fraction of the cost. It is aimed only at the most discerning of clients for whom compromise is not a consideration. .